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About Chuck

The Beginning

     I am often asked, "Where do you start?"  The simple answer is with the first line of charcoal scraping across a pure white sheet of paper, or the first stroke of paint to create a colored ground on a canvas.  I could even say it begins when my eye becomes entranced by the play of light across the surface of water of the skin of a lone person sitting in the shade of a giant maple tree.  All are too simple by any measurement.

     When I was about fourteen years old, I visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for the first time.  There I met Egyptian Mummies, followed by John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, Monet, Picasso and Vincent.  I sat before the masterpiece painting "The Daughters of E. Barley Boit" and knew then there was a journey to take.  That is when I started.  Every painting is a continuation of the very first attempt to organize the smeared pigment on my canvases. The ideas and skill evolve, but the desire and drive were born all those years ago, as I listened to the whispers of magnificence.


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And Now

Located within the facilities of The Narrows Center for the Arts, on the waterfront of Fall River, Massachusetts, my studio allows for my continuing process of exploration and discovery.  Now, the whispers come from my own brush.  I create work inspired by what I see.  I focus on the landscape, both urban and natural, and the figure, concentrating on musicians and everyday folks caught up in an urban environment.  I use vibrant color, expressive shapes, and a strong sense of narrative to create a body of work that is dynamic, inviting, and challenging to the viewer.  I invite you to share my journey.