Due to restrictions implemented during the Covid-19 era, i am not starting any new classes.  If you would like to be contacted once i start up again, please let me know.

Drawing Classes will work from observation.  A set still life will be used in a studio setting.  Students will learn about line, value, and relative relationships.  The will learn to see underlying shapes that can be used a structure in developing a complete composition.


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All of the work on this page is the work of students from the Thursday morning painting class, and used with their gracious permission.  Thank you Diane, Joanne, Christine, Joe, Nancy and Maryanne.              It is fun, isn't it?


Painting instruction will focus on basic painting skills.  Early classes will be concerned will the application of paint on canvas.  Students will develop primary skills by exploring ways to mix color, use mediums, blend and glaze. Early work will rely on painting basic shapes and forgo subject matter.  Later classes will work from a set still life.  Students will learn to see and mix appropriate color as well as learning brush skills and the utilization of mediums to blend or glaze with oils or acrylic paints.  As skill develop, students may work from photographs and be encouraged to build a personal artistic vision.


from photographs, students will translate images to create a painting that reflects their personal artistic vision.


with exercises in paint application, color mixing, blending, and the use of mediums.  We will work without subject matter and work on color exercises to help you learn how to apply paint in a controlled manner.


Working from a controlled chromatic still life will translate those exercises to a complete painting.

Interested in developing your abilities as a painter?  Chuck offers quiet, small, personal classes to help you grow.  Located within the facilities of The Narrows Center for the Arts 16 Anawan St., in Fall River, Massachusetts, you can join a small group or gather a few friends and start your own.  Class sizes are generally 4 students or less, allowing for more personal, supportive relationships between students as they continue to grow as artists and find their way. 

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