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Some of the paintings shown here and on the sale page may be available as originals.  Also, some of the images picture on this web page are not yet available but are in varying stages of development.  Please contact Taylespun Studio with any questions or special requests.  Certain size requests may also be available.  In other words if you would like something you don't yet see on the sale page, please contact and ask.  You never know what  we might be able to do.

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Taylespun Studio is in a collaborative partnership with Riverside Art of Somerset Massachusetts to provide archival fine art prints to a nationwide market.  at Riverside Art, their fine art printing service offers the highest quality color-accurate prints and service. This on-demand service allows you to order only the prints as you want, and often within 2 weeks. something that was not an option with other printing processes in the past. This service is great for consumers looking for a exceptional quality prints made from artist originals. 

The industry has witnessed many changes in technology, including the ability to accurately and economically reproduce art, making it more accessible to a broader market. Riverside Art is committed to excellence and produces high highest possible quality available.

No-touch scanning is accomplished with a CRUSE scanner, which is proven superior to photography when digitizing originals.  At the Anawan Street studio, you can see a selection of reproductions side by side to the originals and judge for yourself.  Feel free to schedule a visit to the  Taylespun Studio Fall River location.

Click on Kitty to shop for original art!